Question 1. What is Adults Guide?
Adults Guide is a friendship/dating Guide, the only genuine friendship Guide in Malaysia,which is having more then 5000 registered females allover Malaysia including 1000 females in Malaysia and Secondly AdultsGuide is running at no.1 position all over Malaysia in providing friendship/dating services.

Question 2. What are the benefits I will get the time I join the Adults Guide?
The time you register with Adults Guide you will be given the opportunities to grow your friendship with the females who have been already registered with our Guide and are looking forward for friendship with people who are getting registered to the Guide, initially the time you register with Adults Guide 70-100 contacts will be given to you through mobile SMS or email and after that weekly updates will be given to you about new registered females who are calling and getting register with our Guide . This information will be given through emails, fax( if you provide us fax no.) or mobile sms'es.

The most important benefit Adults Guide is giving is that it list your profile with secret id to the website if you are willing to go for. The time your profile is generated to the website Dear male friend, we offer completely opportunity to advertise yourself here! To be seen by thousands of lonely females who want short term/ long term friendship relationship.

Question 3. What kind of females are calling and getting registered with Adults Guide?
We have categories the type of females who are calling and getting registered into three types

. First kind of females are those who are looking forward for some favors from your side like money or shopping in return of friendship given by them. These females belong to young college girls, models, call center females. and we call this category as chargeable category.

.Second kinds of females are those who belongs to housewives and working class females who are working till 6’o’clk or 7’o’clk after that they are free and living alone in Malaysia. The time these female call and register with our Guide we introduce them to our registered Guide members only. These females then call them up fix date with them in an restaurant , go to some Guide and pub and have fun after that they book an hotel room and relax with our Guide member for couple of hours or overnight.
You don’t have to pay any penny to such females but all the expenses that you and she made together has to be shared equally , the females in this comprises of doctors, lawyers, engineers, corporate females, divorce’s.

. Third category females are those who belongs to rich families , those NRI families who are staying abroad and females are doing some courses alone in Malaysia or those housewives whose husbands are out of stations or out of country for some business work and will be back in couple of months, or those who working in big corporate companies and remain on tours most of the times such females have no money problems but they are desperate housewives and living alone and want to go for short term friendship relationship for short period of time secretly. when such female call and get register with our Guide we introduce them with our Guide members, these females then secretly call them up, pick them up, take them to best pubs and Guides in the town for dining and boozing. all expenses are bearded by females itself after this they take them to there own private appartments or places where they relaxes themselves for couple of hours or overnight in the company of our Guide member and after that they favors our Guide member by giving 10,000Rs to 25,000Rs or much bigger amount in return to there lovely company, as money is no problem to such females and they want things to be as secrete as possible. These females comprises of wives of some celebs , corporate top notch directors,CEO's.

So all these three kind of females are calling and getting register to our Guide for friendship for short and long term relationships.

Question 4. How to get registered with Adults Guide?
You can get registered with Adults Guide by making a membership fee of 8,000Rs only, the break up is as follows:

Registration charges :                         100 USD
Annual maintenance charges :                      25 USD

12% VAT charges (payable to govt. of Malaysia) :  
25 USD

                                        TOTAL = 150 USD

Question 5. How to make payment to get registered to Adults Guide?
There are four ways you can make payment to register with Adults Guide:-

1st . Make the cash payment to any XYZ bank branch in Malaysia given below.

XYZ bank AC No:00000000000000
Name :

For XYZ bank branch near to your place click here.
Malaysia Branches
Rest of Malaysia Branches

The time you make the payment call us and inform us the ING Vysya bank branch and time of making the payment so that we cross check by calling the ING Vysya bank and confirm that the payment is made by you only. You must keep the payment slip with you as a proof that you have made the payment in the favor of account no. given to you, also if required scan and mail the slip to us at The moment the money credit to a/c your membership to Adults Guide starts. You will be told personally what things to do next.

2nd . Make a pay order/ cheque against the name and a/c no. given to you and drop it to any of the ING Vysya bank drop box and intimate the date/ING Vysya branch/city/state you made the payment, the time money get credit to the a/c your membership starts.

3rd . Make your payment by credit card. For credicard details call Kabir.

Question 6.What is the duration of AdultsGuide membership?
.Its a one time investment for the life time, every year you have to renew your membership by paying "half payment" for the maintenance of your profile on our website.

Question 7. What facilities I will get when I got registered with Adults Guide?
Following facilities will be provided the time you become our Guide member

Facility no.1: You will be provided with contact details of females through mobile sms or email who have registered with us recently in last two months for short term and long term relationships at least 70 in numbers.

Facility no.2 You will be provided with login and password ID of website with the help of that you can able to see more then 1000 females profile who have been listed to the website for friendship/dating purpose , you can propose them to meet for dating to your place or there place or some other place comfortable to both of you, you can also place your profile to website with your nick name , by seeing your profile females will directly get in touch with you for dating and meeting and you can even charge these females for dating with you.  

Facility no. 3 you will be given a customer care support manager no. 24/7 available for you for dating and meeting with females who have already been registered with AdultsGuide .

Facility no. 4 You will be provided with 24/7 where you can place your problem if any , and the problem will be sorted out with in 24 hours.

Facility no.5 : your date with high society female will be fixed by the Guide management personally by those female who have registered with us - who are looking for new person for dating each and every time. And many more for that you need to be Guide member first.

Question 8. What is Fun and Earn?
Dating with new female is fun and making use of Adults business opportunity you can earn as much money as you can that's why it is called fun and earn.

Question 9. How can we trust AdultsGuide?
AdultsGuide is the only registered Guide who is promoting their members through website.
AdultsGuide started working from january 2006. The website is in opration from january 2007. We are the pioneers in providing friendship services through website in Malaysia.

AdultsGuide is having enough database of their previous members to entertain the new members. Every week hundreds of members getting registered on the AdultsGuide website all over Malaysia. AdultsGuide keeps record of each and every member who has called us and got registered. Registration of 'Female' is free in AdultsGuide. So good number of female data is available for males who are paying the membership fee and getting registered with us. We also keep a track of female members profile, wether it is 'active or not'. When we find that particular female profile is not responding to our Guide members, we take no time to deactivate her profile. is running at Number ONE position in Google for friendship services in Malaysia. We give regular advertisement in daily newspapers, magazine in Malaysia. Through our 'paper and magazine advertisement' we enter into lakhs-n-lakhs of Malaysian houses daily. No other Guide in Malaysia promote friendship as good as AdultsGuide. So just grab this opportunity to get listed on AdultsGuide and enjoy friendship forever. So friends there are enough reasons to trust

Question 10. Why AdultsGuide is the only best Guide in providing the friendship services in Malaysia?
AdultsGuide is the pioneer in providing the friendship servcies with the help of website in Malaysia. After seeing AdultsGuide success some more Guide emerged in Malaysia for the friendship services who try to cheat and copy everything from AdultsGuide, the one Guide who is doing so is 'Gorgeous Guide' who had copied the website of AdultsGuide in fully. This shows that how much popular AdultsGuide has become in Malaysia now as every new Guide try to follow in the footstep of AdultsGuide in terms of marketing- website pramotions. But these Guide lacks one thing , that is our experience and databade of male/ female members. AdultsGuide is the only Guide who has female database of more then 5000 in real and AdultsGuide update its database every weak with 30-40 new female members who has called the Guide for there registration and distribute to there members with proper sms services. No other Guide take such efforts to do so. The other Guide has only one intension that is to take money out of clients and in return they just give nothing. So serious people who really want dating facility then Adults Guide is the only best option available in the market so just call us now and give us the opportunity to serve you with best of our efforts.

Question 12. I don't want to risk my family, friends, spouse to know about my activities. I am concerned that my name or location or ip address may appear on the site and damage my life. How safe is it to use your site? How can I protect my privacy?

First of all, we do not disclose any data other than the details you provided. So if you use nickname instead of your real name, do not place any identifiable photos, do not place your email or phone on the forum, your reputation and privacy are well protected. Nobody will see your name, photo, IP address, home address, phone number or email unless you yourself disclose it.

Generally speaking, there are two main threats to your privacy. One is information that you place on the web or that can be collected and disclosed by the sites you visited. Another is your personal computer that may be accessed by your employers, family members, colleagues etc. We will show you how to minimize the risks from both sides. The sensible information that can be collected and disclosed on websites include your name, photo, address, phone number, email address, IP address, operation system and browser your use on your computer and any other kind of information you provide about yourself on forums, ads etc.

The sensible data that can be accessed from your local computer includes your email account, browser history, browser cache, clipboard content and sometimes it's history.

Your real name

We don't ask for your real name. Never use your real name, use nickname instead. If you don't provide your name it can't be disclosed. Pretty simple.

Your photo

Again if you don't place your photo, it can't be disclosed. Or you can blur your face or use other techniques to make the picture unidentifiable.

Phone number
If you are not a provider there is no need for you to give us your phone number. Moreover, it's against our site rules to place phone numbers in forum posts, ad texts and other public accessible areas. Members can place their phone numbers only in special phone fields in their profiles.


First of all, if you follow our site rules the only place where you type in your email is your profile form. You are not allowed and for security and privacy protection reasons should not include your email in other places (forum posts). In this case, your email will never appear on the site and will never be collected by any robots, search engine bots etc.

Second, we have an option to hide your email address from other site members. It can anytime be changed in your profile form. If you choose to hide your email it will never be visible to site members, unless you yourself contact them using email form. So just check this field and nobody will see your email.

Site members will still be able to send emails to you, so it's a good idea not to use your work email account or the account that can be seen by your spouse. Often, online users do not realize that email sent to or from their work account is likely to be an open book to their employers. Even if you send an email from your home, a copy is often stored on your employer's main server. Your boss has a legal right to read any and all correspondence in this account or on your work computer at any time.

Getting a separate account for your hobby activities allows you to check your personal messages without using your work or home email account. We highly recommend to use or for these purposes.

IP address
If you follow the site rules we never disclose your IP address to anybody.

Browser cache
After you browse the web, copies of all accessed pages and images are saved on your computer's memory. While these copies make subsequent visits to the same sites faster, the browsing record has grave implications for personal privacy, particularly if you share a computer or browse at work. To clean out your cache in Internet Explorer 5 & 6, select Tools, Internet Options. With the General tab selected, click Delete Files in the 'Temporary Internet files' section. Under the Advanced tab Security section place a check mark to Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed. In Netscape 4 or higher, select Edit, Preferences. In the Category tree, double-click Advanced and then select Cache. In the Cache section, click Clear Memory Cache and OK. Then click the Clear Disk Cache button.

Browser history
The browser keeps a history log that identifies each web address you visit. If you're on a public machine, you need to purge your history periodically. To clean out your history log in IE 5 & 6, select Tools, Internet Options. In the General tab, click the Clear History button and follow the prompt and change Days to keep pages in history to zero. In Netscape 4 or higher, select Edit, Preferences,choose Navigator in the Category window, and then click Clear History.


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